Monday, 29 July 2013

Departure: T-minus 20 days

So it’s finally done, my flights and temporary 2 week accommodation is booked. Officially less than 3 weeks to go. The confirmation emails pinged through and.. I panicked. I can’t lie, the realisation of just 3 weeks left in the UK is a sad one. Although I enjoy change and doing new things, I've enjoyed my home comforts since graduating and have so far had one of the best summers to date – family holidays, visits to London, going to Harry Potter World (UK) for my belated birthday present, seeing Mumford & Sons/Vampire Weekend/Ben Howard live, graduation day etc.

To sum up, it’s been a good one, especially since the UK managed to locate some sunshine this year. I've gained a slight tan and haven’t even left the country? Preposterous! However, I won’t view these last few days negatively. I think a slight panic is a good thing, as it makes me plan my time as efficiently as possible. I still have things to look forward to: another London trip, my mums birthday celebrations and a leaving party to organise.

So what’s next? When I finally pack away my life for the 900 mile move East in 20 days, I’ll be moving into a hostel for 2 weeks so I can attend an induction programme. ‘A hostel?’ I hear you question? A bit contradictory to my previous post, I realise. Do you remember me saying that the university had a reputation of being pretty terrible at handling accommodation? Well, they decided to hold the induction 2 weeks prior to term without allowing me early access to my room or providing/helping with other short term lodgings. So a hostel has been booked, the Generator Hostel in fact, sharing a 6 bedroom female dorm. It looks clean and modern so i'm looking forward to it (although the lack of a kitchen may mean a lack of food for a few days..). Being a hostel virgin, I’m pretty nervous, but also excited to meet some new people and the adventure ahead :) Until next time…

Byeee for now!
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