Monday, 22 July 2013

I won’t be homeless in Copenhagen!

Since applying for my course, I had been rather anxious about my future living arrangements in another country. When applying for accommodation through the university’s department, I looked up other people’s recommendations on what type of housing to apply for and found worrying reviews on the service they provide. It appears they have a reputation for not being able to deliver halls of residence to a large proportion of students, particularly the international kind (aka me). Not that being in another type of accommodation would have been the end of the world, but from personal experience of first year of university life, I found it a great way to meet and mingle with lots of different students. However, worry faded a couple of weeks ago when shopping in London. An email pinged through on my phone alerting me that not only did I have some accommodation sorted but I had also managed to bag a room in halls of residents too!

My new global location according to Google Maps
A quick google search of what I had been provided, I found I am staying in Tåsingegade Kollegiet in the district of Østerbro. According to the university’s website, this accommodation houses 270 students with a mix of Danish and international, and is situated just 15 minutes north of the city centre. My search pulled up few images but from what I have found it looks nice, and I have my own bathroom and kitchenette.. a bit like having a mini apartment!

Photos from the university website
I never thought I actually would be homeless… but it’s nice to confirm living arrangements at least for my own peace of mind. I guess this has also made the move even more real. Although a move date is yet to be confirmed, I know that it is fast approaching and there is still plenty to organise. Typical me though, I’ve been putting it off.. definitely need to get myself in gear.

So if anyone else finds themselves in Tåsingegade Kollegiet from this September (though I highly doubt it).. come knock on room 215 and say hello! (or Hej!)

Byeee for now!


  1. Hi
    My name is Rasmus and I have created a website collecting all “kollegier” (dorms) in Copenhagen as well as other cities. I want to make it easier for students to find their way around all the different dorms but it takes a lot of information and pictures.
    I saw your article about Tåsingegade Kollegiet. May I use the pictures of the dorm on my website? The website is: http:/ – unfortunately it is in danish but you can probably use google translate for a better understanding.

    It is a nice blog you have. It is very interesting to read how you experienced Copenhagen doing your stay.

    I hope to hear from you.

    Best regards

  2. The photos shown are photos that were provided by the University accommodation website, but I'm sure you can use them :)