Saturday, 15 March 2014

Restaurant Review: Cocks and Cows

This is the first time at attempting a food review on my blog, so apologies for the pretty rubbish photos and ramblings from me. If I do another restaurant blog post I will be a bit more prepared next time. Anyway on to the review...

Let's first just get one thing straight. Eating out in Copenhagen is expensive. This is a fact. I don't think you can find many (if any) sit-down meals for under £10, which is currently around DKK 80-90. Take-out food you can find cheaper (e.g. pizza aroung DKK 60). I thought that London was expensive, but Copenhagen is more so i'm afraid. Because of this, I do not eat out much. However when I have guests visiting, it's nice to treat ourselves once in a while.

There are a few American style diners popping up around the city which tend to be on the cheaper scale. I came across Cocks & Cows on tripadvisor with good reviews so booked for a Valentines Day meal. When we arrived for our table, it was busy - and I mean super busy. There was a queue of people waiting outside of the door. We were told our table would be a few minutes late so were shown to the bar downstairs. Less people, comfy sofas and a 'hygge' atmosphere, we enjoyed a drink while waiting. Our table was ready in 5 minutes and so time for the food!

Cheese and Smoke (L) and Pulled Pork (R)

We each ordered a burger, and then shared 3 sides (which is a deal they offer for DKK 80-90). W ordered the 'Cheese and Smoke' (bacon) and I ordered the 'Pulled Pork'. You can choose what bun you want, we both has 'American Sweet' which is similar to brioche and I also added jalapenos to mine (a personal favourite). Our sides consisted of curly fries, onion rings and BBQ ribs. Burgers we also cooked rare on request which was nice. A bit of a wait for the food, but considering the amount of people in the restaurant it wasn't an issue. All food was great and polished off in quick time, washed down with a bottle of Sol.

Our feast!

Somehow after all that food we still had room for dessert. I think this was the only slight let down. We ordered a brownie to share which was nice, but it wasn't really a brownie. More cake like in texture and covered in a layer of melted chocolate, like icing. Still enjoyable though.

W managing to look both impressed and unimpressed? (I assure you it was the former)

The bill was not cheap nor expensive for all that food, 2 beers and 2 glasses of cava. A definite recommendation if you are in the City centre!

 Also the toilet situations confused me, I'm still not sure whether I am a Cock or a Cow. I made a guess for the latter but there were men in both!

Byeee for now!

Gammel Strand 34, 1202 Kbh. K

Friday, 14 March 2014

From Copenhagen to Malmö

So in February, my friends and I decided to take the train over the Øresund Bridge to the small city of Malmö in Sweden. I thought I would share some photos of our trip. The weather was windy and overcast, but it was a nice to visit a new place since moving to Denmark. It's quite a quiet place, but was very pretty and reminded me of a smaller Copenhagen in lots of ways. For more information, please check the YouTube video I made about our day out (at the bottom of this post).

Byeee for now :)

Turning torso

Malmö Castle

This painting was quackers...(ouch)

Creepy looking statues..

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Why study abroad and being a terrible blogger...

My apology comes with an explanation. I've become a terrible blogger. Since starting both blog and Youtube vlog, I seem to be finding it difficult to dedicate equal amounts of time to both. Previously I was terrible at vlogging but now I seem to have neglected this. So this week I promise a proper blog post. 

In the mean time I have a new video:

Byeee for now!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014