Monday, 14 October 2013

Take a peek around my neighbourhood: Østerbro

Hello again!

Just a quickie to say i've started a new 'series' on my YouTube channel. I want to post some videos about the different areas of Copenhagen, what they are like and what you can find there (in brief). I thought I would start with my own neighbourhood Østerbro. I hope you enjoy :)

Byeee for now!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Throwback Thursday: Change

So it’s Thursday night, I’m home alone and I’ve just finished watching the Dexter finale (as disappointed with the ending as I am?). So pretty much a perfect time to write again. A combination of 2 things inspired today's post: the first was an instagram photo entitled ‘Throwback Thursday’, a new concept to me and the second was an old photo I stumbled across in a stack of photos of my mum, sister and a 14 year old me. Just a few moments while I cringe…

Learning to laugh at yourself: Christmas 2006
If you haven’t figured it out, I’m the chubby blonde on the right. I’m only half joking with that comment too, as some people have genuinely asked me which one is me. It had to make me wonder… have I really changed that much? Yes my hair is a different colour, I’ve lost some weight and my fashion sense have significantly improved (hopefully), but it’s something I assume everyone experiences and because I am still the same person to me, I don’t really see the change that much.

Another golden find courtesy of my sister (2008) 

I remember telling someone who meant a lot to me at the time that no matter what, I would never change as a person. I genuinely meant it. When I uttered the words at 17, I didn’t want my life to change because I felt it was perfect (I guess that shows my naivety at that age), but in the 7 years from when the top photo was taken to present day me, I was always going to change even if I didn’t want to. It’s like that moment on pokemon when you’ve built up a repport, mastered it’s moves and then suddenly evolves – WHY?! (Ok, apologies for the geeky reference).

In the last six years I’ve left school, completed 2 years at college and 3 years of university. I’ve made friends and lost them, been in love, then heartbroken and somehow found love again. I’ve moved counties and even countries. I’ve experienced a lot of new and exciting things but also the loss of others and at times a loss of myself (perhaps a bit too deep for this blog?). Basically my point is – how could I have not changed?!

A sort of evolution through photos
It’s weird, the evolution of a person. It seems slow but it’s actually quite quick. I’m approaching the age of 22 and I still don’t see myself as a true adult. Perhaps it will come with time, or perhaps I will never fully accept it. However what I will accept is that I will change again in the future. Some of my core principles have become concrete with time:

1.       Shit happens – sometimes you can control it, sometimes you can’t but the fact is you have to accept it, deal with it and get over it.
2.       Try and be as positive as possible and brush of the negatives as quickly as possible
3.       I will become a crazy cat lady

I have learnt these through my experiences. My life will change and so parts of me will change too.  But as with core principle one: I have to accept and deal with it. My message to others is embrace change - it's going to happen so make it a positive thing. Sorry about the serious post, I have a more light-hearted, Denmark based one to follow soon ;)

Byeee for now!

P.S. since on the change topic – I’m attempting to return to my natural hair colour very soon. Results will appear soon (probably ginger though..).