Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Language Problems

I'm terrible at languages. How many languages do you know?


  1. Hi! I just watched your video about language problems in Denmark. :) I just had to laugh because it was so funny that you as an English speaker can hear that Danish is really a strange language. I`m from Norway and we pronunciate the words quite equally to how we write them, but the Danish really swallow most of every word. You should rather learn Norwegian. Its easier and not as disgusting language as Danish. It`s almost ONLY Danish people who really like Danish. - You asked about the opinion about languages from people who dont have English as their native language. In Norway we learn English first, after Norwegian, of course. When I was a child we didnt learn English before we were about 11 years old, but now children start to learn English at the age of 6. When we are 13, we can learn another language, and nowadays the children often can choose between German, Frensch and Spanish. Spanish is a New language that Norwegian pupils can choose to learn at school . I learned German, but hated all the grammar, but for Norwegians its not so difficult to learn German because there are very many words we understand easily, but the German grammar almost killed the pleasure of learning it. BUT now I see that it really was the way the language was taught that was the problem. - I have always liked the English, language and especially the British English. I dont like the American English so very much, but most Norwegians actually speak more like American English. I should really like to learn speaking British English better, but then I have to stay in England for some months to get it, and unfortunately I havent time for that. - I can also understand a lot of German, and talk a little, and I also understand some Italian and Spanish and some Hebrew too. Hebrew is really different because it has different letters and they write and read from right to left. But its really fun to learn it anyway! :) THIS was my opinion about Languages from an "old" lady From Norway. :) Anne (http://acsalvorligetulleside.blogg.no)

  2. Acutally, the MORE languages you know , the easier is it to learn a new one:) The Most difficult language to learn is the first foreign language! Maybe it sounds strange, but it`s true! :)