Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Generator hostel Copenhagen.. my first experience

Since the internet in my hostel is failing me this evening, I thought I use the time to blog again… about my hostel! As I have stated before, this is my first hostel experience and (touch wood) it’s turning out ok given the circumstances. Believe me when I say I am desperate to get into my apartment and get settled, but since I still have a 1 ½ weeks left here, it seems to be doing the job quite nicely. Overall it is clean, tidy and comfy, so I can chill out in the evenings.

My 6 bed female dorm

I was a bit worried about the room sharing situation as it is not something I am accustomed to, particularly with strangers. However, it is quite spacious and the beds are really quite comfy. So far, the people I have shared with have been fine. Actually, one of my roommates turned out to be the first person I met on my uni induction day on Monday so it has been nice being with someone in the same boat as me. The others tend to keep themselves to themselves and only stay for a couple of nights as they are passing through on travels. I was worried about noise as I’m a light sleeper but it’s been ok. Although the first night one woman snored SO LOUD – glad I packed my earplugs! Another bonus is having storage under my bed that I can lock away my things safely and it fits all of my 2 weeks of stuff.

Bed 2 - my new home for the first weeks of my travels

On the first floor is the bar/common room area. It’s very modern in design, with colourful décor and big comfy sofas to lie on. Filled with travellers most of the day, I’ve met a couple of nice people when just chilling. In the evenings is does get loud as people start there nights out (which I unfortunately can’t join in with until the weekend due to lectures), but as i'm sleeping on the 5th floor, it isn’t disruptive to me.

The common room in the day
There have been a couple of downsides though. As I mentioned before, the internet is awful. To be honest, I am pretty grateful that they provide free access but it’s just not strong enough for everyone who wants to use it. Skyping is pretty impossible but I can still access the basics. The other is the eating situation. The do not provide a kitchen, which I find surprising for a hostel so most meals have to be bought out (lunch is provided at the uni somedays). To cut down on costs, I have brought cereal for breakfast and find a cheap takeaway for dinner. However, the get very funny about you eating it in the common room and will tell you to go out to the street if you want to keep eating. I find this unfair when facilities are not provided. I assume it is a money making scheme for you to buy their food, but I am not willing to spend the equivalent of £10(?!?!) for a breakfast that consists of some cereal, bread and juice. Dinner they provide is even more costly but when I can find much cheaper alternatives, I will go somewhere else. I’ll just have to become a discrete eater so not to get caught or eat in my room… (I plan on doing a food blog next).

The bar at night

So to sum up.. I’m surviving here! Hopefully I’ll make it the 2 weeks without going a little crazy, particularly from the deafening evening music. A guy called Stu who I met here said that this was more like a hotel in comparison to other hostels he has stayed at on his travels so I think I’ve picked the best of the options.

Byeee for now!


  1. Glad things are ok and the hostel isn't too scary. Can you not use WiFi at uni? X

    1. Thanks Gabby! Was pretty scary at ffirst but I am getting used to it. Finally sorted out the Uni wifi today and there connection is much stronger. Just hoping the internet in my accommodation will be good too. I need contact to the outside world! x

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